Sites We Recommend

All camp sites are not created equal. Here follows a number of sites that we have a particular soft spot for. If we’ve not been, we certainly plan to!

Each of these sites are happy to welcome campers staying in a Rowan Tree tent, whether you are going down the pitched-and-ready-for-you route or DIY-ing it.

Watch this space for more camp site ideas.

Rowan Tree Tents Comrie Woods

This is one of our beautiful tents nestled away in the one woodland pitch at Comrie that it fits in to. This being the only woodland pitch that can accommodate these 4m giants, we would recommend that you go for a pitch in one of the meadows. Good facilities, very warm welcome. We’ve visited multiple times and would go back tomorrow.

One for the grown-ups. Peace, tranquillity, tons of space with a gorgeous view over the Glengarry mountains, and a picnic bench for everyone.

Blue sky at Ythan Valley

Blue sky at Ythan Valley

This is what camping is meant to be. Breakfast delivered to your tent, a shower with a view, and they have ducks. What more could you want?

Libby, Dave and Iona will make campers very welcome and provide a great base for exploring castles, coastlines and cycling.

Special deal for Ythan Valley – no delivery charge! If you’d like the full “Pitch & Strike” service we’ll take off the difference.

Back-to-basics camping in 100 acres of beautiful woodland. Be warned that there is a 5 minute walk from where you leave the car to the camping pitches – not for the faint of heart!

Would your campsite welcome Rowan Tree Tent campers? If so, please get in touch.